Simple and elegant - the words that most often describe our work.  What does that mean for you?  Achieving simplicity inherently means lower cost and better design for your product or device.  Achieving elegance, both aesthetically and technically, means it will look great and work beautifully.

Effective and efficient – it’s how we work.  Our focus is to get you from point A to B.  We provide what your project needs, quickly – anything from a proof-of-principle model to a fully documented manufacturing package.  We work together to streamline your project.

Hippo Engineering typically applies simplicity and elegance to Product Development, Cost Reduction and Custom Tools for R&D and Manufacturing.  We focus on mechanical and electrical engineering and are well versed in the complimentary realms of prototyping, sourcing, and testing.

We can supplement, or be your team, and anything in between.  Let us know how we can help your project!