The "A" Team

Have you ever asked for a design firm’s “A” team?  It was probably because your project required some specific knowledge, an expert, not just a generalist.  Seems like a reasonable request – to have the best you can get for your money.  The problem is, the best people in a firm are always occupied.  Sure, they have to roll off a project from time to time, but not to warm the bench - they are already scheduled for the next gig. 

But we all know who does sit on the bench.  The fact is, the best people will always be assigned to the top dollar clients and are tied up working on the long-term million-dollar job.  Small checkbook?  Too bad for you.

To make matters worse, you were not sold on the capabilities of those sitting on the bench.  Or perhaps not even the capabilities of the firm’s top talent.  How can this be?  All companies and industries have turnover, so if a firm has been around for several decades, good people who are long gone were responsible for some of those showcase projects. 

Talent and experience do not transfer by osmosis.  Just being in the same room doesn’t count, in my opinion.  So, when you’re shopping for design or engineering services, be sure to ask who will be assigned to your project and ask to talk to them.  Interview them, not the sales team or company figurehead.  Remember that people do projects, not companies. 

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