Research and development

It would be great if you could always buy the tools you need, unfortunately you can't.  Don't let that stop you though - we can develop a custom tool that meets your needs and keep it affordable whether it is a tool for life-science technology development, a new agriculture process, or an engineering test lab system.

Manufacturing Automation

Do you need to automate a step in manufacturing that is more complicated than just moving parts around?  We have come up with some really creative solutions for processing operations that can help reduce labor costs.


When it is time for construction, a great network of collaborative companies allows us to quickly and inexpensively build one, or a few.  We are just-in-time, so you don’t pay for just-in-case.  First, we look for an off-the-shelf solution for components or sub assemblies, our mantra is "buy it if you can."   Many engineering companies will take pride in making it all, but that is rarely best for you.

Let us know what tools you need!